Don’t ever stop growing and changing.

So, either you accidentally landed on my ABOUT ME page (in that case, go HERE), or you really want to get to know me better! So, here it is. It’s time to embrace my weirdness. This is what drives me:

You don’t just get conscious and that’s it. It’s a lifelong learning to be more conscious than the day before, mostly by recognizing or ‘catching’ patterns of your own reactions while they’re happening and changing the way you react. But there will always be an unconscious part of you and that’s also great. Otherwise we couldn’t be creative or fantasize, create new goals and realities. One wouldn’t exist without the other. – Seherzada

In other words:

I’m here to learn. And if on my life path I can take your hand and help you grow with me, my mission is fullfilled! Why? Because my ultimate goal is to be the best version of myself, for this planet.